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Digital Assets


DFi Labs is a Quantitative Digital Asset Investment Manager Based In Paris

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We rely on sound scientific methods in our constant research to generate superior alpha.

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AI & Big Data

We' ve been pushing the frontiers of Big Data and AI well before they became buzzwords.  

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Investor Alignment

Our fee structure is designed to align our interests with those of investors. If our clients don't succeed, neither do we.

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Our team brings together experts from complementary fields, with a proven track record, in a truly collaborative setting.

What we do 

We focus on providing high-net worth individuals, family offices and financial institutions with the opportunity to achieve their investment objectives by deploying capital in this promising new asset class.

Our goal is to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns across market environments using established best practices in quantitative investing while leveraging new data science and machine learning technology within state-of-the-art execution systems.

Our products

At the core of our offering are two flagship products, Absolute Performance, which captures bull and bear markets, and Smart Beta, which offers an optimised index strategy with dynamic market exposure on one or more digital assets.​

Robust IT and data capabilities allow us to fully customise your exposure, on one or more digital assets, as well as your level of risk.
We believe that our key competitive advantage and unique value proposition lie in our technological capabilities and founding principles: the scientific method, a sharp focus on data and a fully automated AI approach to investing.

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Get Started


Simply fill the brief contact form below and we will be in touch with you with the relevant material.

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