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Digital Assets


DFi Labs is a Quantitative Digital Asset Investment Manager Based In Paris

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Science at the core

We employ rigorous scientific methods in our ongoing pursuit of exceptional alpha generation.

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Next-Gen Data Processing

We were at the forefront of exploring AI and Big Data long before they became industry buzzwords.

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Win-Win Partnership

Our fee structure is structured to align our incentives with our clients. Simply put, we only succeed when you do.

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Battle-Tested Expertise

Our team of proven experts, hailing from diverse fields, collaborate seamlessly to deliver superior results.

What we do 

Unlock new opportunities in the investment landscape for high-net worth individuals, family offices, and financial institutions by tapping into a promising new asset class.


Our approach blends the tried-and-true practices of quantitative investing with advanced data science and machine learning techniques, seamlessly integrated into state-of-the-art systems to deliver reliable, risk-adjusted returns in any market conditions.

Our products

Our innovative solutions revolve around two flagship products: Absolute Performance, which rides the ups and downs of the market, and Smart Beta, a tailored index strategy that adapts to dynamic market exposure on one or more digital assets.

Our cutting-edge IT and data expertise enables us to precisely calibrate your digital asset exposure while managing your risk threshold. Our technological edge is the backbone of our investing approach, underpinned by the scientific method, unwavering data focus, and an automated AI philosophy. It's what sets us apart and gives you the advantage.

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Get Started


Simply fill the brief contact form below and we will be in touch with you with the relevant material.

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