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Redefining Excellence in Digital Assets Management

Precision-Driven Portfolio Management

Dynamic Trading Solution Suite

Our trading systems are meticulously crafted for precision in crypto markets, focusing on targeted asset types for optimised investment performance.

Customised Investment Pathways

DFi Labs specialises in bespoke crypto strategies tailored to each investor’s profile, blending deep market insights with personalised service for aligned investment decisions.

Strategic Risk Methodology

Advanced analytics drive our risk management at DFi Labs, aligning strategies with client risk tolerances and market conditions for a balanced, optimised approach

Specialised Market Adaptability

Navigating diverse crypto landscapes, DFi Labs focuses on emerging opportunities and risk-adjusted returns, adapting strategies to the evolving digital asset market

Innovative Tech-Driven Strategies

At DFi Labs, we harness cloud computing and AI to develop cutting-edge crypto investment solutions, enhancing performance in the digital asset space.

Olivier Chevillon


  • 18 years of experience in managing quantitative strategies for leading hedge funds including Visium Asset Management and Maven Securities.

  • Visiting Professor in Data and Finance at ESCP Business School.

  • Olivier holds an MBA from INSEAD, a Master's degree from ENSAE  and a Grande Ecole Degree  from ESCP.

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Flavien Gelineau


  • Data and Machine learning Expert.

  • Data Scientist at Google / Machine Learning at Société Générale in time series prediction & unsupervised learning.

  • Top 1% Kaggle worldwide 

  • Flavien holds an engineering degree from ENSTA ParisTech

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Joachim Joyaux


  • Served as CTO and Quant Trader at Gebel, focusing on crypto market making.

  • Has 10 years as an Algorithmic Trader at various banks and trading firms. Former Head of Algorithmic Trading at SESAMm, an AI and crypto fintech. Graduated from INSA Lyon and EPFL, with in-depth knowledge of the field.

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Louis Benassy


  • Operations specialist in the digital assets space

  • Co-founder of Chainvest, one of Europe's first digital asset investment solutions

  • Louis graduated with an Msc and a BSc in Finance from Cass Business School & National University of Singapore.

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Abhishek Bose

Tech Developer

  • BSc in Computer Engineering from EPITA (Ecole pour l'informatique et technique avanceés).

  • Fully conversant with the latest stacks involving ReactJs, Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript

  • Experienced in low latency, multi-threaded programming.


Andreas Elledge

Data Scientist

  • Private banker at ODDO BHF and M&A analyst at JCDecaux Investor in crypto-currencies and DeFi since 2017.

  • Master of Finance and Strategy & Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Sciences Po Paris.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Economics from Keio University



Yuval Reisman

Yuval, CEO and co-founder of YRD, leads the first diversified fund focusing on market-neutral algo-trading in digital assets. Formerly Managing Director at Hone Capital and APAC GM at ironSource, he also managed cross-border operations at Infinity VC. He holds a BA from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from INSEAD.

Jeremie Jakubowicz

Jérémie is VP of Data at ManoMano, previously leading AI at Veepee Group, fueling its growth. He was AI Manager at Teralab and a senior lecturer at Telecom SudParis and Telecom ParisTech. With a PhD from ENS Cachan, he's co-authored over 50 papers in image processing, machine learning, and distributed optimisation.

David Langer

David Langer is a founding partner of Lion Heart, a $25 million impact-oriented venture capital fund. He is a seasoned investor in crypto quant funds and is one of the driving forces behind Amphibian Capital, a fund of funds offering All-Weather and ETH accumulation products. David is also an advisor to HeartRithm. He graduated from Oxford University in 2007 with a degree in Mathematics. 

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