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A Scientific Focus

The Big Data, AI and Technology Triangle

Digital Assets Investment Approach - big data

Big Data

Our advantage over others is rooted in our unconventional data mining approach. We cast a wide net and pull from both traditional and alternative sources to extract valuable insights and identify untapped sources of alpha.


Our sources range from endogenous blockchain data to NLP/sentiment analysis and game-changing catalysts, just to name a few.

But our data alone would be of little worth without the discerning eye of our in-house research team, who possess the acumen and knowledge to fully parse and extract valuable information from these sources. Our team applies proprietary algorithms and expertise to maximize the potential of our data, providing the edge that sets us apart from the pack.

Institutional Calibre Operations

The digital asset management industry is plagued with poor investment standards. Building from the wealth of expertise in our team, we have put in place high-level processes that meet the expectations of institutions.

Strong R&D Component

R&D is in our DNA. We collaborate with several PhD students to push forward the state-of-the-art in the field of AI and Big data.

Easy Access

We offer you straightforward and flexible investment solutions that will address the specific needs of your investment project. With us, you won't be confronted with fine print or opaque transactions.

Client Focus

We attach great importance to transparency and intellectual honesty. In all our processes, from onboarding to reporting, we ensure that our clients' requirements are heard and taken into account.

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