We are always on the lookout for new talent to contribute to the activities of our company.

Data Science Intern

Head of Sales

Business dev intern

Data Scientist (PhD 


6 month internship​

Responsibilities :

  • Process data and draw conclusions grounded in logical, mathematical rationale

  • Back test and implement new models and signals in a live environment

  • Build key datasets and data pipelines using Python/ETL frameworks

  • Collaborate on trading ideas

  • Communicate key results to leadership and product management.

Skills / experience required:

  • Education in  mathematics or statistics or finance.

  • Exposure to the financial sector (such as trading, hedge funds, etc.)

  • Strong interest in trading and the cryptoasset market

The benefits of working with us include:

  • Learn trading techniques

  • Exposure to our team of data scientists

  • Improve your knowledge in Machine Learning and its many variants

  • Facebook - White Circle
  • LinkedIn - White Circle
  • Twitter - White Circle

Responsibilities :

  • Expand Dfi Labs' investor network through family offices/ high net worth individuals, funds of funds, hedge funds and institutionals around the world.

  • Identify investor candidates and effectively market Dfi Labs' asset classes and strategies

  • Collaborate with business introducers to strengthen client acquisition channels

  • Provide advice to juniors within the team / contribute to the establishment of best practices for the acquisition circuit of the client 


Skills / experience required:

  • Extensive experience in managing sales in alternative asset classes to Family offices/ High-net worth individuals / Funds of funds / Hedge funds / Institutionals

  • Having an understanding of blockchain technology and digital assets is a must

  • Strong interpersonal and relationship management skills

  • Proven experience in the creation of new business books

  • Creative thinker with an understanding of the market in which Dfi Labs operates and the ability to see opportunities to expand our market reach

  • Strong organisational and process management skills

  • Acts with honesty and integrity

  • Curious and resourceful - looks for difficult questions and finds solutions

  • Resilient, able to learn from mistakes and move forward

  • Flexible, adaptable and able to handle ambiguity

  • Collaboration, which thrives when working on shared objectives



  • Equity and non-equity compensation is subject to negotiation.

6 month internship​

  • We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic person to take our business development activities to the next level.

  • You will need to be able to prioritise and qualify opportunities. You will also need to ensure that projects are properly executed throughout.

  • With Dfi Labs, you will be responsible for creating new business and will be in charge of exploiting new opportunities as soon as you join the company.

  • You will have the opportunity to enrich our strategic growth plan and target opportunities, while benefiting from the advice and guidance of the management team and the CEO.

Skills / experience required:

  • You are enthusiastic about the blockchain and you closely follow the evolution of digital assets.

  • You know how to manage projects and business development processes.

  • You are able to seize opportunities or hold strategic conversations wherever they arise.

  • You have the ability to work with a team, either on site or independently as an active team member. 


Responsibilities :

  • To ensure the control and management of the resources put in place by the Dfi Labs management team in terms of business development to guarantee their updating and effective use.

  • Actively contribute to the elaboration and definition of the priorities of our Business Development strategy as we develop.

  • Stimulate and deepen future partnership opportunities and Dfi Labs' opportunities with other players with investment potential: Family Offices, High net worth individuals, but also Platform Exchange, Prime Brokers, and the wider ecosystem of financial and digital assets.

  • To present and describe the latest investment strategies of Dfi Labs.

  • Highlight our successes and clearly communicate our new partnerships and collaborations to the public.

Remuneration :

  • Addressed during the job interview. Ditto for the bonus

We are currently recruiting for a PhD in data science as applied to the field of digital asset investment.


  • Our company has received the Finance Innovation label, the French Tech grant, and is in the process of securing JEI status. This confirms the company's focus on research and its significant investment in innovation, an essential foundation for our growth.

  • In this context, we now plan to create an in-house research unit and to build up expertise in machine learning and the development of data-driven prediction models. The aim of this project is to further enhance our forecasting accuracy and hit rate, and thus improve investment performance.

Responsibilities :

Your work will therefore focus on research projects involving data from multiple sources, ranging from structured data to non-structured data (including technical data, traditional financial market data, blockchain data..., web based data). You will be called upon to collect and analyse data as part of the design of machine learning and predictive models. This will require a solid knowledge of machine learning techniques and methods for mathematical/statistical analysis of large datasets.


  • You must be proficient in computer programming to design and implement machine learning algorithms (Python, Java or any other relevant programming language). 

  • You should preferably have an understanding of market finance or a strong interest in portfolio management and financial asset management topics.

  • We are looking for a candidate who is able to work autonomously and capable of offering services and initiating research ideas to improve fund performance.

  • A very good level of written and spoken English is an essential prerequisite, as you will be working in an international context.

This position offers a unique opportunity for candidates to learn the inner workings of the financial sector while working with experienced portfolio managers. 

Remuneration :


  • Depending on the profile