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The Right Exposure to Digital Assets

A One Stop Shop for Customised Diversification in Digital Assets

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Absolute Performance

Our absolute performance strategies capture opportunities in both bull and bear markets by investing in long and short positions using advanced statistical signals generated by a proprietary algorithm.

We know what it means to run an asset management company and the responsibility that comes with it. Over the years, we have managed significant capital for leading hedge funds and gained invaluable experience.

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Smart Beta

Our Smart Beta strategies provide dynamic market exposure to outperform a benchmark, namely one or more digital assets.

When building our infrastructure, nothing was left to chance. We have developed a robust in-house execution system that can handle high volumes as optimally as possible. 

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DeFi Access

Captures the broader expansion of the digital asset market. Strategies run on Decentralised exchanges, leveraging the breadth of information found in DeFi. Our strategies include optimised yield farming and arbitrage.

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Managed Accounts

This is the ideal solution for investors looking for greater portfolio flexibility and a better level of service from their asset manager.


This format allows us to cater to specific corporate needs and to offer access to our strategies to a number of different jurisdictions.

Drawing on our experience in both the hedge fund industry and the ecosystem of digital assets, our team has designed and put in place processes to ensure every risk is either kept within limits or avoided altogether wherever possible.

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