Taking a Balanced Approach

Advanced Technical Skills and Common Sense: The Right Mix for Performance.


Thami Ezzaim

Quantitative Researcher

  • Quantitative researcher and trader in two quantitative hedge funds : Volga Technologies (New York) and Uncharted Technologies (Paris).

  • Awarded various prizes in data competitions at the ENS and the Collège de France.

  • Master's degree in statistics, finance and machine learning from Ecole Centrale Paris. Currently pursuing a PhD in machine learning.

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Lead Developer

  • Software engineer, specialised in quantitative development and cryptocurrencies

  • Software development at Amundi and Uncharted Technologies (Paris, France), mainly in Python, Java and C++.

  • Machine learning at Back Khoa University (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam), using Keras and PyTorch

  • Engineering degree at UTC (Compiègne, France) in computer science (spe. networks and computer systems)

Youssef El Saadany


Quantitative Analyst

  • Engineering degree from the École des Ponts ParisTech

  • Master's degree in Financial Engineering from Jiaotong University

  • BSc in Aeronautical Propulsion Engineering from Beijing University of Aeronautics and

Chang Jing

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Olivier Chevillon

CEO & Founder

  • 18 years of experience in managing quantitative strategies for leading hedge funds including Visium Asset Management and Maven Securities.

  • Visiting Professor in Data and Finance at ESCP Business School.

  • Olivier holds an MBA from INSEAD, a Master's degree from ENSAE  and a Grande Ecole Degree  from ESCP.

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Flavien Gelineau

Chief Data Scientist

  • Data and Machine learning Expert.

  • Data Scientist at Google / Machine Learning at Société Générale in time series prediction & unsupervised learning.

  • Top 1% Kaggle worldwide 

  • Flavien holds an engineering degree from ENSTA ParisTech

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Virgile Dine

Quantitative Analyst

  • Research internship in AI at the mathematics department of ENS Paris-Saclay and École Polytechnique

  • Research internship at Télécom SudParis

  • M2 MVA (Mathematics, Vision, Learning),

  • Applied Mathematics at ENS and Université Paris-Saclay M1 Voie Hadamard,

  • Applied Mathematics at ENS and Paris-Saclay University, École Polytechnique

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Louis Benassy


  • Operations specialist in the digital assets space

  • Co-founder of Chainvest, one of Europe's first digital asset investment solutions

  • Louis graduated with an Msc and a BSc in Finance from Cass Business School & National University of Singapore.

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Gautier Appert

Quantitative Researcher

  • Gautier holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

  • Teaching and Research Fellow (ATER) in Statistics and Probability at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and at the University of Paris-Sud, Orsay.

  • He holds an MSc in mathematics and machine learning from ENS Paris Saclay, an MSc in econometrics from Toulouse School of Economics and an engineering degree from ENSAE. 


Andreas Elledge

Product Manager

  • Private banking at ODDO BHF and M&A analyst at JCDecaux
    Investor in crypto-currencies and DeFi since 2017

  • Master of Finance and Strategy & Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Science Po Paris
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Economics from Keio University


We have tied strong relationships with advisors offering unique expertise in key areas of our operations.

Fabien Chevillon ​

Fabien Chevillon


Fabien combines creativity and unconventional thinking with over 20 years of experience in financial engineering. Between 2006 and 2009, he worked as an equity derivatives structurer at BNP Paribas, before joining Natixis, where he specialised in restructuring distressed assets and subsidiaries. He has been involved in game design (3 board games + 5 F2P games) and start-up advisory for more than 5 years. Fabien is a graduate of the TRIUM Global EMBA program (NYU / LSE / HEC) and ESCP Europe.

Jeremie Jakubowicz

Jeremie Jakubowicz

Machine Learning & Data

Jeremie is the VP of Data at ManoMano and has served as head of the Artificial Intelligence division at the Veepee Group. In this role, he helped grow the division into a key growth driver for the group. Prior to joining Veepee, Jeremie held the position of Artificial Intelligence Manager at Teralab platform and was a senior lecturer at Telecom SudParis and Telecom ParisTech. He holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from ENS Cachan and has co-authored more than 50 scientific publications in image processing, machine learning and distributed optimisation.

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Yuval Reisman

Growth & Crypto

Yuval is the co-founder and CEO of YRD, the world's first diversified fund of funds focusing on market-neutral algo-trading strategies across digital assets. 
Yuval was previously Managing Director at Hone Capital, a Chinese-American venture capital. Prior to that, as APAC GM, he launched the APAC business of ironSource, the Israeli mobile advertising unicorn. Prior to that, Yuval was responsible for cross-border operations at Infinity, a Chinese-Israeli venture capital firm.
Yuval holds a BA in Far East Studies and a General BA from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from INSEAD.